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Millions of men and women are transforming their bodies with CoolSculpting, the world’s most popular non-invasive fat reduction treatment! CoolSculpting uses advanced cooling technology to effectively reduce unwanted fat deposits such as belly fat, love handles, double chins, and other stubborn bulges. Fat freezing with the CoolSculpting procedure is FDA cleared as safe and scientifically proven to workⁱ, CoolSculpting consistently delivers dramatic results that are natural looking and long lasting. Besides being incredibly effective, CoolSculpting is non-invasive, eliminating fat without scalpels, anesthesia or downtime, making it the perfect, non-surgical alternative to liposuction.

Are you ready to freeze away your fat for a skinnier, more sculpted physique? Get started with CoolSculpting today with City Dermatology and Laser, the premier CoolSculpting Cincinnati provider. Sign up online or call 513-421-DERM (3376) to schedule a free CoolSculpting consultation.

Benefits of Fat Freezing with CoolSculpting

  • Eliminate stubborn fat deposits
  • Sculpt attractive curves and define musculature
  • Lasting results for long-term fat reduction
  • High patient satisfaction rate
  • Safe and requires no downtime
  • 5 million + treatments performed to date
  • FDA cleared and scientifically proven
  • #1 Non-invasive alternative to liposuction

How Does CoolSculpting Work?


Cool Sculpting eliminates stubborn fat by literally freezing fat cells to death in a process termed cryolipolysis (“Cryo” = freeze + “Lipo” = fat + “Lysis” = cell death.) During the Cool Sculpting treatment, advanced cooling panels expose subcutaneous fat cells to freezing temperatures without harming the skin or surrounding tissue. This controlled cooling freezes targeted fat cells below the skin’s surface, causing them to rupture. The lymphatic system collects and metabolizes these destroyed fat cells over the course of several weeks.  Eventually the fat cells exit the body in the form of waste. Once fat cells are excreted from the body, they cannot grow back, resulting in long-term fat reduction.ⁱⁱ

CoolSculpting Before and After Pictures*

CoolSculpting before and after pictures demonstrate impressive fat reduction from the abdomen (belly fat,) flanks (love handles,) submental area (double chin,) and other areas that store stubborn fat deposits. These CoolSculpting before and after pictures depict real patients demonstrating typical CoolSculpting results, however, individual results may vary.*

CoolSculpting FAQ

When Will I See My Coolsculpting Results?

As evident in CoolSculpting reviews and CoolSculpting before and after pictures, people love their CoolSculpting results! Scientific studiesⁱ reveal that on average, a single CoolSculpting treatment can reduce fat by 25%. Treatments can be repeated for further fat reduction. Experiences may vary, but some people begin to see their CoolSculpting results in as little as 4 weeks, however the full effect from a CoolSculpting treatment typically manifests within 8 to 12 weeks of the fat freezing procedure.*

How much does Coolsculpting Costs?

CoolSculpting is a highly customizable treatment, therefore CoolSculpting cost varies per individual depending on the treatment area, the type of CoolSculpting applicators used, and the amount of CoolSculpting cycles needed to achieve optimal results. During your free consultation, your CoolSculpting specialist will help you determine if CoolSculpting is right for you, and if so, customize a treatment plan that delivers the results you desire at a price that fits within your budget.

Save on Your CoolSculpting Cost! As a leading CoolSculpting provider in Cincinnati, City Dermatology and Laser offers great savings on CoolSculpting cost for new clients. Call 513-421-DERM (3376) to learn about current CoolSculpting deals and promotions.

What to expect with the Cool sculpting Procedure?

On the day of your Cool Sculpting treatment, eat all of your normal meals and take all of your normal medications. Bring or wear comfortable clothes.  Bring an iPad, book, earphones, etc. to keep you occupied during your treatment session.

To begin your Cool Sculpting treatment, we apply a gel pad and applicator over the targeted fat deposit. Most CoolSculpting applicators use a vacuum mechanism to gently draw the tissue into the applicator. The tissue then rests inside a cooling panel that delivers controlled cooling to subcutaneous fat cells located below the skin’s surface. After positioning the applicator, the CoolSculpting machine supplies controlled cooling to the treatment area for an allotted amount of time. (Most CoolSculpting applicators require as little as 35 minutes treatment time.) Once the CoolSculpting machine finishes its cycle, we remove the applicator and massage the treatment area for 2 minutes to break up the frozen fat cells. This concludes your CoolSculpting treatment. You are then free to return to your daily engagements. And remember, CoolSculpting requires no down time and there is no restriction on exercise or physical activity following a procedure.

How Does Z-Wave technology Enhance Coolsculpting results?

Combining your CoolSculpting treatment with the Z Wave treatment is clinically proven to greatly improve your fat freezing results. Z Wave technology uses acoustic waves to safely pass through the skin and penetrate the underlying fat cells to enhance the effects of cryolipolysis.  One study found that performing the Z Wave treatment after a CoolSculpting treatment can double the amount of fat absorption!

Does Cool sculpting hurt?

Cool Sculpting is a highly tolerable procedureⁱ and most patients report no Cool Sculpting pain during the treatment. However, there may be some discomfort during the first few minutes of the treatment, when the Cool Sculpting machine begins its cooling cycle. Some patients feel no discomfort, others report feeling cold at the treatment area and tugging or pulling sensations.

This initial discomfort typically dissipates within a few minutes, allowing patients to recline in a comfortable chair and relax in the privacy of their personal treatment room, while working on their iPad, reading a book, listening to music, or even taking a nap.

Are there Cool sculpting side effects?

Cool Sculpting is a non-invasive treatment, hailed for its high safety profile and low rate of Cool Sculpting side effects. After your Cool Sculpting procedure, you may experience mild bruising, redness, numbing or tenderness in the treatment area as the immune system goes to work gathering and processing the frozen fat cells.  These symptoms are typically mild and short lasting. Cool Sculpting side effects rarely hinder patients from returning to their daily routine, including exercise.

CoolSculpting near me: Finding the best Coolsculpting Cincinnati Providers

To ensure the best results possible, discerning men and women living in Cincinnati choose City Dermatology and Laser as their preferred CoolSculpting provider.
CoolSculpting Treatments Performed by an Experienced Physician – Our team at City Dermatology and Laser is dedicated to providing patients with the highest standard of care possible. That is why our CoolSculpting treatments are performed by Board Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Lana Long. This distinguishes us from most other CoolSculpting providers in Cincinnati who delegate this delicate procedure to staff members lacking professional medical training.
We offer the latest breakthroughs in Fat Freezing Technology – At City Dermatology and Laser, we strive to deliver the best results possible. That is why we invest in the latest Cool Sculpting applicators and machines, including the recently released CoolMini applicator, designed to reduce double chins and improve the appearance of skin laxity and the newest CoolAdvantage applicator for treating upper arm fat. Additionally, City Dermatology and Laser has 2 CoolSculpting machines, providing patients with Dual Sculpting, doubling the area we can treat in half of the time!
We make eliminating fat easy! – City Dermatology and Laser is conveniently located in Downtown Cincinnati. We tailor our hours to the needs of our clients, offering treatments before you have to go to work or during your lunch break.
You’ll love your experience and love your results! – Our friendly and experienced staff is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction; from the moment you first walk into our Cincinnati office to years afterwards, when you look in the mirror to appreciate your amazing transformation. Let us help you love the way you look, from any angle, with CoolSculpting! Get started today, by signing up online or calling 513-421-3376.

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